Machining, Fabricating, Welding, and Design

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Machinined Precision Parts

Our experienced machinists can produce your precision parts to the exact specifications whether your order is for a single prototype or for an entire

production run.

We use CNC milling, turning, lapping and grinding and will work closely with you to ensure you stay within your budget and on schedule.

Our Quality Guarantee

Our measuring equipment is certified and annually calibrated to ensure that all products are manufactured to print specifications and to the customer's satisfaction.

Quality Materials For All Your Machining Requirements

• Aluminum

• Plastics

• Alloys

• Stainless steel

• Brass

• Extrusions

• Steel

Working With You To Provide Solutions

Contact us today to request a FREE quote or give us a call at 319-450-7676 for

more information about how we can help you with your next project

Our team works with a wide range of materials and offers you a full range of machine services. Our customers come from a variety of businesses from aerospace and defense, industrial, medical and scientific, food and beverage, and many more.

We fabricate and machine products using numerous high quality materials, such as:

Custom Machined Black UHMW Parts

Custom Machined & Welded Stainless Parts

machining-iowa-city-ia-newport-fab-machine-inc-Pla machining-iowa-city-ia-newport-fab-machine-inc-Stainless-steel-Weldment-3x5

Custom Machined Aluminum Parts

machining-iowa-city-ia-newport-fab-machine-inc-plastic-chain-slide-3x5 machining-iowa-city-ia-newport-fab-machine-inc-Aluminum-snomobile-3x5 machining-iowa-city-ia-newport-fab-machine-inc-Stainless-steel-Weldments-3x5 machining-iowa-city-ia-newport-fab-machine-inc-Aluminum-lathe-brake-line-cooler-3x5

Production Run Precision UHMW parts for Offroad Use

Polished Aluminum Precision Parts

Food Grade Stainless Steel Machined & Welded Asssemblies

Prototyped Aluminum Brake Line Cooler

machining-iowa-city-ia-newport-fab-machine-inc-Alu Machining-Iowa-city-ia-newport-fab-machine-inc-lat